State of Ontario’s Biodiversity Report and Ontario’s Wetlands

SOBR Summary Report screenshot

Photo credit: State of Ontario’s Biodiversity 2015

The State of Ontario’s Biodiversity report (SOBR) is released by the Ontario Biodiversity Council every five years.  It provides a snapshot of the health of the province’s biodiversity using 45 indicators.  Wetlands, for example, are a great indicator of biodiversity health. These habitats support a diverse mix of terrestrial and aquatic life and provide us with important ecosystem services such as flood control and water purification. More than 70% of Ontario’s pre-settlement wetlands have been lost due to conversion to other land uses. The 2015 SOBR found that the rate of wetland loss in the province has slowed (0.6% of southern Ontario’s wetlands were lost between 2000 and 2011).  Data from the Southern Ontario Land Resource Information System (SOLRIS) were used to assess changes in wetland cover for this indicator.  You can read more about the Wetlands indicator, and others including ones on Stewardship, Sustainable Management, and Protected Areas at  The Stewardship Network of Ontario is a proud member of the Ontario Biodiversity Council.

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