About SNO

The Stewardship Network of Ontario (SNO) is a collaborative of non-government and government stewardship organizations. We work together to increase the capacity of stewardship agencies to contribute to biodiversity conservation and environmental health.

SNO was initiated in 2004 in response to a clear need for improved information sharing, collaboration among stewardship agencies and a stronger voice for stewardship in Ontario.

In 2007, SNO was invited to be the Stewardship Working Group of the Ontario Biodiversity Council, recognizing that SNO was in a perfect position to help implement the stewardship objectives of the Ontario Biodiversity Strategy.

SNO’s Stewardship Strategy┬áprovides guidance for our work. We host an annual forum, publish a newsletter – SNO Squall, and maintain this website to share information, profile our members and provide updates on current activities and success stories. SNO also forms task groups of member organizations to pool talents and resources and work on specific projects.

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