Directory of Ontario Stewardship Councils

This Directory of Ontario Stewardship Councils provides a listing of all current and former Stewardship Councils (based on the program formerly operated by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry). It is not intended to include all the groups in the Province that undertake stewardship. The Directory was created to share vital information about the work of Ontario stewardship councils to restore and enhance the environment in which they live. This will help them to share information, find opportunities to collaborate, promote public awareness, and attract new members.


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Additional Information

The Directory was created by contacting individual councils using the latest contact information available from the Stewardship Network of Ontario (SNO). Councils were asked to provide their updated information and consent for publicizing their information in the Directory. The map was created on a Google Maps platform. The borders of districts and counties were manually drawn, relying on the latest existing public maps available. Afterwards, the information gathered from councils was then inputted into the map. Updated addresses provided by the councils were used to create specific points in each council’s district.

A Google Maps platform enables us to easily update information more quickly and efficiently, as well as providing the viewer with interactive features that assist in viewing the information more clearly.

The map contains five layers:

  1. South-West Stewardship Councils
  2. Central Stewardship Councils
  3. East Stewardship Councils
  4. North Stewardship Councils
  5. Previous Stewardship Councils (no longer active)

The layers can be turned on and off (by clicking on the check mark box beside each group). For instance, if you would like to look at only the active Stewardship Groups, you would select 1-4 and turn off “Previous Stewardship Councils”.

The map also includes the boundaries of all the counties in Ontario. This enables us to identify gaps in coverage that may be filled by other local groups, or may require some attention to develop new groups.

There were originally 46 stewardship councils in Ontario that operated with support from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF). Since MNRF discontinued the program in 2013, 21 councils are no longer active. Many councils have amalgamated with neighbouring councils, or found another host such as a municipal council, conservation authority, Ontario Nature, Ducks Unlimited Canada or Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters. There are now 22 stewardship councils in Ontario, with various operating models and levels of capacity.

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