Strategies and Plans

SNO Stewardship Strategy 2013: The Stewardship Network of Ontario recently updated its stewardship strategy. It outlines SNO’s vision, principles, objectives and strategic actions to provide guidance to SNO members and the Leadership Committee.

Moving Biodiversity Conservation to a Landscape Approach 2013: The Ministry of Natural Resources is now focusing efforts on the strategic conservation of ecosystems and species at a landscape level. This paper describes an integrated approach to plan stewardship, resource management and planning activities to achieve more coordinated and significant gains. The Land Stewardship and Habitat Restoration Program (LSHRP) presents an opportunity for MNR to further the application of this approach, while supporting the work of our many partners.

Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy 2011: The Ontario Biodiversity Council’s renewed biodiversity strategy for the province calls on governments, conservation groups, industry and all Ontarians to help in protecting what sustains us. The Ontario Biodiversity Council recognizes the importance of biodiversity and is taking steps to conserve it as an essential part of building a strong and prosperous future for our province. Read the Summary Report for a snapshot of the Strategy.

Biodiversity: It’s in Our Nature 2012 – 2020: This ambitious implementation plan sets out the actions the government will undertake to contribute to the vision and goals outlined in Ontario’s Biodiversity Strategy 2011, released by the Ontario Biodiversity Council. This plan will enable the province, together with our partners, to better work toward halting biodiversity loss and advancing recovery.

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