Directory of Ontario Stewardship Councils: The Directory of Ontario Stewardship Councils provides a listing of all current and former Stewardship Councils (based on the program formerly operated by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry). The Directory was created to share vital information about the work of Ontario stewardship councils to restore and enhance the environment in which they live.

Granting ResourcesLooking for funding for your organization or projects? This scan of granting resources for stewardship and environmental activities was created for SNO by the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association. It lists both public and private sources of funding and is current as of October 2015.

Nest Box Videos: These videos were developed by Ducks Unlimited Canada to show how to assemble, install and maintain nest boxes.

Assembly | Installation | Maintenance

Environmental Farm Plan VideosThese videos were developed by Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association to support the 23 areas addressed in the Environmental Farm Plan workbook.

Working along the Shore 2014: This is a professional’s guide to healthy shoreline management for Lake Simcoe. It was produced by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and the Dufferin Simcoe Land Stewardship Network to help landowners to protect and restore their shorelines, re-establish native plant communities and shoreline buffer areas, and incorporate plantings into shoreline stabilization design.

The Environmental Bill of Rights at 20 – Your Environment, Your Rights: This booklet introduces you to your rights under the Ontario Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR). The EBR affirms that Ontarians have a right to know about —and have a say in — decisions that affect the environment. The law also created a set of tools to support public participation, transparency and accountability in the Ontario government’s decision-making process. The booklet celebrates 20 years of achievements under the EBR, and  offers inspiring stories of Ontarians whose use of the EBR has helped bring about real change.

Greening Your Grounds 2013: This workshop tool kit for urban landowners was developed by Toronto and Region Conservation but can be adapted for use in other Ontario watersheds. It is a resource for landowner workshops, focussing on landscaping for stormwater management.

Rural Landowner Stewardship Guide 2013: The Centre for Land and Water Stewardship (CLAWS) at the University of Guelph, working in partnership with Conservation Ontario and the Stewardship Network of Ontario, recently completed an update to the Rural Landowner Stewardship Guide. The update includes new content to ensure relevance to changing environmental priorities in Ontario.

Online Stewardship Directory: This online Stewardship Directory (hosted by the Land Stewardship Centre) helps community stewardship groups, organizations, businesses and government connect with each other to share their experiences and lessons learned in stewardship and natural resource management.

A Practitioner’s Guide to Climate Change Adaptation: This guide was published by Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources in 2011.  It was developed to help those in Ontario’s natural resource sector to respond to and prepare for climate change. It introduces the concepts of climate change adaptation, vulnerability, and risk. It also describes vulnerability and risk assessment tools and techniques, and a framework that can be used to support adaptive management in a rapidly changing climate.

A Land Manager’s Guide to Conserving Habitat for Forest Birds in Southern Ontario 2011: This guide was produced by Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to provide practical information to help interested landowners enhance habitat for forest birds by implementing favourable land use practices. This will help to reverse negative trends and ensure that common species remain common.

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